Annotated Post: November 13th

Copyright laws hinder scholarship…actually, the article gets a bit more pointed and says it’s “destructive”.

Will Science and Engineering be a Good Career?…an incredibly fascinating article that points out that – contrary to public perception – the US has NOT been declining in the number of students who perform well in math and science. The shortage of scientists and engineer has more to do with bright students choosing job fields that pay better than the sciences or math. In other words, quit blaming educators for your shortages and increase your salaries!

Google focus on their Apps…a good product is getting better, increasing my desire to bring their offerings into our district.

Massachusetts school ditches their library’s print books for ereaders…is a library still a library without paper books (we knew this question would come eventually!)?

Why do people make bad slides?…aptly describe 95% of the powerpoints designed by teachers (myself included). Point #1:  “Bad Slides are Less Work” fits the “why” for teachers crammed for time.

Stretch and Learn…no surprise here – but the brain learns better after 30 minutes of aerobic endurance exercise. PE should be before math class.

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