Just bring your own

We’ll get to the point – eventually – when we’ll simply tell our students to bring their own wireless devices (laptop, iPod touch, etc.) and hop on the school network. I would guess that many students (not to mention teachers) would leap at the opportunity to use their own machines.

Of course, there are security issues.

But East Grand Rapids Public School found an interesting (and yes – open standard/source) solution to the problem of security and bandwidth. Perhaps something to file away for future reference.

Of course, we might skip the issue entirely and watch cell phone companies become “the network” before allowing students to use the school network with their machines. When Verizon offers their own (cheap) netbook complete with access it makes you wonder how long before some take advantage of the deal.

What would teachers do if a student showed up with their own netbook complete with internet (non district) access?

Do we tell them to put it away? Use it? Take notes? (Quit hanging out on facebook?).

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