New Job – New Blog

Sometimes a change is good.

I love teaching in the classroom. It is never, ever boring. And it has to be the most rewarding, humorous, and thrilling job in the world (I know – cliched but true).

But when the opportunity to shift into my other passion of technology and education was presented, I lept at the offer.

So this fall I’ve a new title:  eLearning Course Developer. The short explanation is that I’ll be helping Oak Hills develope their online learning programs. I absolutely can’t wait.

Yet what to do with this blog? Keep it (no way I’m letting go of my domain name)? Let it flounder?

I’ve decided to morph it into a technology/education blog. No delusions of granduer – I know no one will probably read it. But it’s an excellent place to keep track of how technology is changing the face education…at least from my perspective. Perhaps fellow teachers will follow (rss – love it) and get something out of it. I’m more looking forward to it keeping my mind focused and, hopefully, have some introspection.

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