Tech Tip: Jing

On your new computers you have the most excellent program called “Jing” (look under “all programs – it’s called “Tech Smith”).

What does Jing do? First,  it allows you to camputer pictures of what’s on your computer screen. You can then add text, shapes, highlights, etc. to the picture. Second, it lets you create screencasts of what your doing on screen. A screencast is a video recording – complete with voice – of what’s happening on your computer screen.

Why use Jing? I’ve found it handy in a few instances:

  1. Directions – I’ll create screencasts “showing” students what I want them to do on the computer. Oftentimes, showing is the easiest way to reach students.
  2. Grabbing images for instructions. I’ll often snatch maps, graphs, and pictures from worksheets for students to use in different contexts.


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