Tech Tip: WordPress

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a blogging platform used by the majority of bloggers on the web. It is ridiculously simple to use and atheistically pleasing in design. It’s also free open source.

Students can easily post their thoughts, video, or images.

Why use it in the class?

Teachers use blogs for a number of reasons. Speaking personally, I use a wordpress class blog for:

  • Providing place where students reflect on what they’ve learned,
  • Provide a place for students to reflect on what’s happening in society around them, and
  • Ask creative questions to their peers.

Basically, I wanted a place students could ruminate and digest what happens in the class as well as give them intellectual freedom to pursue tangents.

And as a bonus

I use WordPress for my teacher website. It’s the easiest way to post lesson plans. You’re currently viewing a wordpress blog.

Cicero's Kids: A Class Blog
Cicero's Kids: A Class Blog

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