In this last week before the winter break, we’ll be covering two objectives: The Bill of Rights and Constitutional Concepts.

Objectives: Gov. B.4-6 & Econ.C.5 & Citz.B

Kid Frindly:

  • Explain political concepts that appear in the Constitution
  • Explain how parts of the Constitution – including the Bill of Rights – limits the power of the government.
  • Demonstrate a connections between “Rights” and “Responsibilities” with those rights.

Monday (Note – out for a 1/2 day)

  1. WU
  2. Guided Reading


  1. WU
  2. Quiz
  3. Flashcards
  4. Presentation 13: The Bill of Rights


  1. WU
  2. Presentation 14: Constitutional Concept
  3. Handout to enforce Constitutional Concept

Thursday (Note – out for Ohio Writing Project)

  1. WU
  2. Handout/Possibly video


  • Moodle: Topic 14