Lesson Plans: Sept. 22-26

With some adjustments to the calendar, this week is all about assessment. We’ll get started on the French and Indian War.

Objectives: 8.SS.H.2.A-F, 3.A; Geo.3; Econ.2,

Kid Friendly Lingo: Why did Europe colonize the New World? How were colonies different? How did colonies function? What conflicts existed between the colonial powers in the New World?

Sept. 22

  1. WU
  2. Complete Study Guide
  3. Review Game

Sept. 23

Note: Out for Professional Development

  1. Review with Crossword puzzle
  2. Reading and handout for French and Indian War

Sept. 24

Short Cycle Test

Sept. 25

  1. WU
  2. Competing Quizlet
  3. Review of top wrong questions
  4. Presentation: The French and Indian War
  5. Clear Assignment: Reading and Effects

Sept. 26

  1. WU
  2. “Last of the Mohicans”
  3. Response to LOTM

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