Lesson Plans: Sept. 15-19th

We’ve a big test this week. So for much of the week, we’ll review what you’ve learned as well as cover some final key concepts.

Objectives: 8.SS.H.2.A-E; Geo.3; Econ.2

Kid Friendly Lingo: Why did Europe colonize the New World? How were colonies different? How did colonies function?

Quizlet Terms This Week: Jamestown, Bicameral Legislature, Import, Export, Mercantalism

Sept. 15

  1. Explanation of how to write a 4 point question
  2. WU
  3. Review Compare Jamestown to Plymouth
  4. Presentation Support: Complete the handout on Chapter 5.

Sept. 16

  1. WU: C & C Jamestown with Plymouth
  2. Quiz
  3. Complete Review Sheet for the Test

Sept. 17

  1. WU
  2. Quiz
  3. Review the Review Sheet
  4. Memory
  5. Jeopardy

Sept. 18

  • Short Cyle Assessment #1

Sept. 19

  1. WU
  2. Presentation 5: The French and Indian War

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