LP: August 20th – 22nd

Orientation week! We all know that each teacher has their quirks, habits, and ways about them. For this 3 day week, I want you to get familiar with who I am (and, likewise, I am looking forward to learning about you), how my class works, and what you will be facing in April (no worries – you all are going to ROCK the OAT).

Obligatory Standard Gibberish: 8.SS. Geo. 1

In KFL (Kid Friendly Lingo): You’re learning about American Geography

August 20th

  1. Warm Up: Scenario and Response – written
  2. Why are you here? A Mr V Presentation and Puzzle.
  3. Practice Question

August 21st

  1. Warm Up: Why Use Technology in Education?
  2. Explanation of Moodle
  3. Explanation of Quizlet
  4. Geography Presentation

August 22nd

  • Moodle: Topic 1 (Focus on Geography Skills)

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