LP: April 1st – April 4th

We’re back from the break and in the home stretch! The entire month of April is geared towards review. Yes, we’ll be looking over 3 years of social studies. I’ve put a lot of time and effort into preparing material. My hope is that it will pay off!

Review Week 1 Objectives: Geography Strands

Date What We’re Doing in class Homework
3/31 InService  
  • Review: Civil War Terms
  • Game
  • WU
  • Quiz
  • Explanation of Project


  • WU
  • Flash Cards
  • Resource: World Feature
  • Activity: Map
  • Assessment: Find on a Map
  • WU: Finish Assessment
  • Resource: How does Environment influence people? How do people modify the environment?
  • Activity:Create Diagrams
  • Assessment: Fill in Flow Chart.


  • WU:
  • Resource: What are regions?
  • Activity: Graphic Organizer
  • Assessment: Quiz


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