LP: December 10-14

We have an odd weak this weak – MOCK TESTING. Monday through Thursday we have the OAT tests from last spring (hopefully you all won’t be burned out for the Social Studies Test on Thursday).

Consequently, we’ll have a light weak of work. We’re gearing up for a project for the last few days of school.

Objectives: Gov. 8SS.4 A-E; Gov. 8SS.6 A-C; Econ.8SS.5; Gov.8SS.7&8

Date What We’re Doing in class Homework
  • WU
  • Video Clip
  • Finish Executive Branch Presentation
Finish Handout
  • WU
  • Channel 1
  • Work Sheet

Out for Professional Development

  • WU
  • Quizlet: Bill of Rights Terms
  • Vocabulary Activity
  • WU
  • Begin the Project Goals
  • Begin finding answer to project
Final Draft for Level 1
  • WU
  • Moodle: Topic 1…LetterPop Project



Review Concepts

Book Study: “Nothing But the Truth”

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