LP: November 26 – 30

Welcome back from a great Thanksgiving Break. For the next few weeks we’ll focus on United States’ government. I find this particular subject fascinating because it affects your life now!

Objectives: Gov. 8SS.4 A-E; Gov. 8SS.6 A-C; Econ.8SS.5; Gov.8SS.7&8

Date What We’re Doing in class Homework
  • WU
  • Can I do this? Power Grabs
  • Presentation: The Constitutional Debate
  • New Set of Flash Cards
Study flash cards
  • WU
  • Finish Presentation
  • Preamble Activity: T Chart
  • Review of the Concept of Federalism
  • Article Review

* * * *

Level 1: Discussion on Zinn.

  • WU
  • Quiz
  • The Legislative Branch
  • WU
  • Quiz
  • Finish “Legislative Branch”
  • Movie Clip
  • Moodle: Topic 13



Review Concepts

Begin Book Study

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