Lesson Plans: Week of Aug. 20th

Welcome back!

I’m incredibly excited to teach 8th grade this year. While I’ll be seeing a number of students for a second time, I’m eager to get to know those who are new.

Objectives: 8SS2.A.B.C

Date What We’re Doing in class Homework
  • WU: Does the Vice President have a boss? Can he do whatever he wants?
  • Get to know each other activity
  • Bio – Who is Mr. V
  • Procedures of the Class
  • WU
  • Finish Procedures
  • Flash Cards
  • Map Scavenger Hunt
  • WU
  • Moodle (assuming we can get into a lab…if not, we use Monday’s LP)
  • WU
  • Presentation on Exploration (Review)
  • Quiz
  • Flash Cards
  • WU

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