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Creating an Online Enrollment Framework

Districts have different criteria for student registration. They also have varying workflows and folk involved in the process. I wanted to create a framework for students to enroll in a district. My criteria for […]

Kelly. And Distractions.

Cross post from’s blog. She is 14, my daughter, talkative and with a mind that leaps from idea, to memory, to whatifs in the span of a microsecond. This is the age where […]

Goals for 2019

Write. More. As usual. Aim for 500 words a day. They may be crap, but get the quantity down and grow the muscle. Stop the blissout on distractions. You are too addicted to newsfeeds, […]

The Problem with Twitter for Administrators

It’s no secret that Twitter is immensely popular with educators. Fire up Tweetdeck and search #edchat on any given night and you’ll find solid, animated discussions about the profession. It really does a great […]